Managed Software Solutions in Glasgow: Scenarios

How can Centrocol help you make your software product ambitions come to life?

Centrocol offers managed software design, delivery, advice and consultancy services for companies and organisations across the UK. Based in our central Glasgow offices, we have years of experience in requirements elicitation, project management for business transformation, and getting software products from concept to market, along with expert advisory services.

Let's look at a few case studies to see how the process might work for your software project

The startup entrepreneur

Entrepreneur who needs an app

Jess is an entrepreneur from Glasgow. She has a great idea for an app, and the business knowhow to sell it. But without any development experience of her own, her startup company can't take off just yet! She gets in touch with Centrocol, whose friendly approach helps her see the way forward.

Technical requirements

In this example, Jess' app is a great idea to help kids with their homework, but she currently has no idea where to get hosting, how to engage teams of developers to build it. Another company might offer Jess a "one size fits all" solution, that sort of does the job, but ends up costing Jess a lot more time and money for a less than perfect result.

Centrocol, on the other hand, make sure the solution fits Jess' requirements, and not the other way around.

Documented requirements

First, they take a look at her idea (in confidence, naturally) and then they try to understand not just her app, but also her business needs, so they can make sure they're not giving her something she doesn't need. Centrocol don't just tell her what to do, but try to identify how and why she needs to do it.

They document the process so Jess' vision remains clear. She can now assemble the teams and technology she needs to build her app.

Startup assistance

They even help Jess work with government and investment panels to get the funding she needs to launch. They help her use this funding to work with designers to get a polished product.

Make it to market

Centrocol manage the nitty-gritty of getting app designers and developers together to work on the project so that Jess can get on with the important task of getting people interested in the product. They get her to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and the app is launched. After this, they offer support services to make sure everything is ticking over, until Jess decides she wants to expand the offering and corner even more of the market.

The IT Director

IT Manager in charge of migrating to the cloud
Alex runs the IT department of the Swish Homes Letting Agency. There are branches all over the UK, including Scotland. Alex has been tasked with migrating the agents' systems to the cloud. The difficulty is, thanks to most of the branches being run locally, Alex knows what needs to be done, but not how to get it done without wasting lots of the company's time and money. He calls Centrocol and sets up a meeting to discuss consultancy for this problem.

Identifying systems

Alex's needs are threefold. First, since most of the branches are running more or less independently, Alex needs to know what systems are there. He could get in touch with each and ask them to document what they're using on an Excel spreadsheet, but this will take time. Also the staff are busy doing other things, and may be distracted from the task. Centrocol can provide smart tools and analysis to help make this step less of a nightmare.


Secondly, Alex needs a Gap Analysis done on what results are turned up. Some of the tools currently being used might be inappropriate for the cloud. He needs to know what can be done and what might need to be changed to a better solution. This also gives him visibility of the capacity and resourcing he'll need to start the process.

Project Management

Thirdly, he'll need project managers to help him run the project with the technical expertise required. Centrocol's years of experience in running SCRUM / Agile projects are perfect to collaborate with the teams and players involved. They can also supply development teams to help with building tools and providing elegant solutions to problems uncovered.

The Operations Manager

Operations Manger looking for new project methodology
Penny oversees the way that the XYZ Ltd project teams work. So far, they have been working with older project methodologies, and Penny has realised that a shift to an Agile / SCRUM approach would allow them to better respond to the rapid changes in market requirements. But it's a large task within her organisation as there are many disparate teams to migrate.

Guidance and steering

Centrocol offer a consultancy and advice service that allows Penny to craft and control the shift in working practices and company culture that accompanies changing to Agile. Centrocol can make software and tooling recommendations, offer mediation and mentorships with the teams involved to help guide the shift.

Onsite or remote

We can work onsite or remotely as required to help facilitate the process, and save companies by offering expert knowledge that might cost thousands to gain by other means.

And you?

There are plenty of other situations in which Centrocol's expertise and experience in managed software solutions can assist. If you have a consultancy, project management, or software design and deployment requirement, why not get in touch to find out more?

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