To Agile or not to Agile — that is the question.

Modern life is fast-paced; everyone wants to have it now.  This forces organisations to look for efficiencies in their software development lifecycle, to be lean and agile in their approach.

For some organisations, this is a substantial change from the more traditional project methodologies such as Waterfall that required organisations to put in a lot of time, resource, and budget spend into defining concrete requirements upfront before moving on with development. Businesses want to know how much it is going to cost and when it is going to be delivered. It was a long drawn-out and inflexible methodology more suitable for large infrastructure projects. So how does this new methodology help?

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Make managing outsourced developers someone else’s problem

Outsourcing of software development can bring great cost savings to your organisation, but it is not without challenges. For startups, SMEs, or third sector organisations alike, the problems found in an outsourcing development project can outweigh the benefits if not managed correctly. It may seem simple to outsource this database development project or that website design to a cheap offshore team, but how do you know you'll get what you want?

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Understanding what you need from your digital platforms

When you're a startup or an SME developing a new business idea, a lot of advice is thrown at you. What's the market for the end product, what will the branding be like? When's the best time for launch? Less time is spent asking this crucial question: do you know how it will actually work?

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Managed Software Solutions in Glasgow: Scenarios

How can Centrocol help you make your software product ambitions come to life?

Centrocol offers managed software design, delivery, advice and consultancy services for companies and organisations across the UK. Based in our central Glasgow offices, we have years of experience in requirements elicitation, project management for business transformation, and getting software products from concept to market, along with expert advisory services.

Let's look at a few case studies to see how the process might work for your software project

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